About Strohbeck Construction

Company History


Strohbeck Construction has been in the construction business for thirty years.

We have a vast experience in the commercial construction area, building projects in the states of Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, South Dakota, and West Virginia.

We are able to give our customers the one-on-one attention that they deserve when they chose our company. One of the reasons for our success is the pride we take in our work.

We are being referred to as “One of the top contractors in the Eastern United States” by several of our clients. They have come to know our commitment to quality, competitiveness and timeliness first hand.



Strohbeck Construction, L.L.C. is a full-service general contractor specializing in commercial building construction.

We provide a wide variety of construction services including but not limited to project planning, scheduling, architectural, and engineering services. There’s no job too big or too small that we won’t work with.

Thomas D. Strohbeck, President


Receiving his business degree from Sullivan Business College in 1976, Thomas D. Strohbeck entered the construction industry in 1977 as a carpenter for Laurence E. Bloom & Sons General Contractors.

By 1984 Thomas Strohbeck founded TSC Construction, a light commercial construction company that later became the present Strohbeck Construction L.L.C. of which Thomas currently serves as President.